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Water Damage Claims

Water Damage Claims

A Water Damage Loss, includes any type of water that permeates and wets any part of the home, business or common area of an apartment building. Whether it comes through the roof, a supply line or a sewer line it is covered in an insurance policy.

Since these types of occurrences are not the fault of anyone they are referred to as a peril “an act of G-d.” It is for this reason that an insured will not see his rates go up as a result of the claim.

Water heater damage.
Water damage, crumbling wall inside bathroom.
Water damage to cabinet below sink.

The most important facts to remember, “as soon as you are aware there is a leak, you must turn off or cap the pipe that is leaking till you can get a family member or plumber to do the permanent fixing.”

Remember, the date of loss, keep any parts that you might have had to replace and ask your plumber or handyman to write a short report describing the loss.

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It is our job to represent your interests to the representative that will come down to represent your insurance carrier. We will present all your documents and be there if any questions are asked. Our job is to represent you as your legal advocate, making sure the claim process is comfortable and goes smoothly. You are safe in our hands, we will make sure you know what to expect every step of the way.

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