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Water Damage Claims

Water Damage in Florida 

Water damage poses a high risk of property damage for homes and businesses throughout Florida. Water damage can result in extensive and costly structural damages and become evident in several areas of a home or business, including the ceilings, walls, and/or floors.

Every insurance policy has different specifications and limitations depending on your coverages. You will need to examine your insurance policy to determine if and to what extent water damage is covered by your policy.

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Water heater damage.
Water damage, crumbling wall inside bathroom.
Water damage to cabinet below sink.

How To Check for Water Damage

Water damage could potentially occur at any time, due to flooding, leaks, or poor condition of the roof, windows, and/or pipes throughout a property. Perform a thorough examination of the inside and outside of your home or business.

Any of the following signs may be indications of water damage.

Places in the Home Where You Are Likely To Find Water Damage:

Signs of Water Damage Include:

  • Discoloration or Dark Spots on Internal or External Walls
  • Puddles or Pools of Water
  • Swollen, Cracked, or Flaking Drywall
  • Musty Odor
  • Saggy or Soft Spots on Floor, Tile, Laminate, Etc.

Check inside and underneath all areas, including the garage, inside cabinets, under sinks, and crawl spaces.


Another common and unmistakable evidence of water damage is a damp, humid smell that is often occupied by visible evidence of mold.  Structures that are dampened by water damage are in ideal conditions that encourage mold growth. This causes an unmistakable, wretched, and musty odor that is difficult to ignore.


Listen for any strange or abnormal noises that may indicate a water leak in your home or business. Reach out to a professional immediately to prevent excessive damage if you identify any dripping noises.

What To Do If You Discover Water Damage

Protect yourself by acting quickly if you discover potential water damage inside your home or place of business.

  1. Take Photos of Any Potential Water Damages
  2. Reach Out to A Public Adjuster
  3. Contact Your Insurance Company
  4. Save All Correspondence with Insurance Company

There are insurance claim limitations for Florida home and business owners. This means that it is critically important to reach out to your insurance provider as soon as water damage is discovered.

What is Wate Damage is Caused by Flood and Insurance Claim Is Denied?

The first step is to gather all the information, evidence, and insurance policy documents neatly. At times, insurance companies may deny a claim due to factual errors. These types of errors are easy to prove. Read your insurance policy thoroughly paying close attention to the fine print.  Inquire for more information from the insurance and ask for details. Provide this information to a Century Public Adjuster.

Florida Water Damage Claims

The amount of coverage that the insurance company is willing to provide will depend on several factors involved in your unique circumstances. It is important to contact a professional adjuster to provide a fair estimate and protect the value of your property.

Florida Century Public Adjusters

It is important for home and business owners throughout Florida to reach out to a professional if they discover any signs of water damage. The team of experienced professionals at Century Public Adjusters is proud to provide free inspections to help property owners identify water damage.

There are four locations available to better serve clients throughout the state, including offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa.

Contact Century Public Adjusters today to schedule your free inspection and learn more about your next steps.

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