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Residential Property Claims

Residential Property Claims

Residential claims are most distressful to the family. A family’s residence provides a safe environment for each and every family member. It is where the family unit returns to, after an active day, whether at the workplace or school, looking forward to relaxing from their stressful routine. When water, mold, fire, theft or storm damage hits the entire balance of the family unit is thrown off-kilter.

The repercussions are felt in the workplace, school and all other places that members of a family visit out of the home. The expression “There is nowhere like home” hasn’t been around for thousands of years for no reason. It is for that reason that Century Public Adjusters takes residential home damage so seriously. We know that home needs to stay a safe haven for the entire family.

Effects of home damages:

  • Pipe leaks in either kitchen or bathroom create water damage and moisture that can cause dangerous mold.
  • Mold damage in the home can cause toxic odors and spread airborne sicknesses and breathing difficulties.
  • Minor or major fire damage will often destroy priceless possessions or at its worst cause loss of life.
  • Property theft disrupts the safety of the home and residents inside creating a stressful atmosphere.

Making Your House Feel Like Home Again

Residential Properties, Family With DogTypical water damage like a leak under the kitchen sink can seem small and insignificant, yet have serious impact on a family. Moisture gathering under the kitchen baseboards often grows mold spores which spread to the wall and rest of the cabinets creating an unpleasant and toxic odor that often pervades the room. The spores, which are airborne, make it difficult to breathe easily or to even be in a room. Adults as well as children begin to complain of “just not feeling right.” Sometimes a persistent cough at night will begin and a loss of interest in food.

No matter how much bleach or household cleaners are used the smell will not go away. The reason being mold has begun to form under and within the wooden boards and no amount of cleaning will succeed in destroying the mold to return the cabinets to their former state. This small water damage is the perfect example of circumstances that slowly can change a home’s development and health.

Century Public Adjusters are sensitive to these water damage losses and will fight to negotiate a cash award to replace your entire kitchen with a new one. What seems like something that the homeowner might feel is insignificant can cause disastrous results as time goes along.

Since most policies have a clause that demands that an insurance loss should be reported immediately, we suggest calling us at Century Public Adjusters to come down to examine the loss, no matter how small. Our Public Adjusters carry moisture meters to locate any moisture that might be in your home and advise you what steps to take to make your home a “safe haven” again.

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