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Storm Damage Claims

Storm Damage Claims

We at Century Public Adjusters will send a representative down as quickly as possible and use our knowledge of the infrastructure of insurance companies to try and get your claim to the top of the pile.

Century Public Adjusters has been open for over a decade and has hands on experience with hurricane as well as all types of storm claims. Whether it is lightning hitting a home, a palm tree flying through a roof or an entire neighborhood flooded we have taken care of customers in the past in all of these as well as hundreds of other situations.

A large tree falling onto a house causing the roof to break.
Shingles on roof that have blown off due to weather.
Water damage on a house's roof due to storm weather.
Water damage on a house's roof due to storm weather.

We are happy to assist in any way possible, whether it is directing you to the right company to have your roof tarped to explaining what are your options in replacing your lost property. We have seen natural disasters many times and are aware that it isn’t something anyone can get used to or deal with on their own. Especially in a storm loss there is usually a lot of damage and an expert is needed to make sure the insurance company fulfills all of their obligations as quickly and as fairly as possible.

Unfortunately, we are always on the alert for hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms, tropical rain storms and lightning storms. Before a hurricane or storm heads our way, the most helpful steps a property owner can take to make sure he will be reimbursed for any resulting damages, are to have photographs of the different rooms in our home, of our personal property and commercial property prior to the storm damage to document evidence of the condition of our home. damage is no stranger to Florida.

Hurricane Preparedness Steps

To ensure reimbursement for any damages from a storm, these are the most helpful steps a property owner can take before a hurricane is headed their way:

  • Document evidence of the condition of your home
  • Take photographs of all the rooms in your home, personal property and commercial property before the storm
  • Put all important documents in a safe space such as birth certificates, insurance policies and other personal items

There are so many facets to a hurricane claim that need to be addressed in a very professional manner. Remember a storm is usually a catastrophe that has affected tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people. Homeowners, business owners and condominium owners are all in desperate positions trying to get their loss and claim attended to first. Besides the circumstances being horrendous, not knowing how to deal with it makes it much worst. A literal nightmare.

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