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Theft Damage Claims

Theft Damage Claims

Century Public Adjusts Theft Damage Claims

A personal space has been invaded. Whether it is a rental property that has been vandalized, a place of business or your own home it is a memory and feeling that will never be forgotten. Surprisingly, according to FBI’s 2019 uniform crime report, many burglaries take place in the daytime when people are away.

Does Home Insurance Cover Theft?

Generally, loss due to theft is covered under the personal property protection section on your homeowners insurance. Most policies also include property coverage. It is important to review your policy to understand the personal property limits which are set as a percentage of your dwelling coverage and determine how much reimbursement you will receive. Setting appropriate limits can help you recover your actual loses. Your vehicles are not covered under your home owners insurance and theft of a vehicle would not be covered under the policy.

What To Do After a Burglary?

Someone entered your house and took something that belongs to you. This may leave you not only feeling violated, but also nervous about being in the home, responsible for changing your locks or even investing into home security. To minimize the damages from a burglary, it is important to:

  • Leave the house a file a police report: the first step is to file a police report
  • Don’t touch anything
  • Make a list of the stolen items and damages: Document the condition of the location that has been vandalized, what type of damage has been done and what has been stolen.
  • Call Century Public Adjusters: Century’s Public Adjuster will take photos and organize all the paperwork between the police, yourself and your insurance company. Everything that has been damaged must be paid for to put it back to precondition.

In the case of a rental property the insurance policy will include compensation for the lack of rent income that the rental owner must forgo while processing the claim and fixing the property.

It is imperative that you contact the team at Century Public Adjusters first to inspect the scene and provide an honest assessment of the damage.


In a theft loss getting any pictures that might have documented the home or property before and after is very helpful as well as having model numbers and receipts for each type of electronic device.

To verify the value of the stolen items from your home, the insurance might ask for the following:

  • Receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Photographs
  • Serial numbers
  • Warranties

We Have You Covered

Here at Century Public Adjusters we try to be sensitive to difficult times and make the damage claim process as easy and stress free as possible.

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Starting A New Claim?

Understand “The Insurance Claim Process” with Century Public Adjusters. We’ll assist you all the way through the claim till you get your correct cash award settlement.

Denied A Claim?

In the case where a claim might have already been denied it is no problem to reopen the case and request a reevaluation of the factors and policy terms.

Too Low of An Offer?

In a case where the insurance company has come up with too low an initial offer than expected, Century Public Adjusters will file for a reappraisal of the claim.

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