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Laundry Room Water Damage Claims

Whether you live in a residential home, apartment, or condominium, one of the most important household appliances may be the washing machines. These essential machines have amazing power to make our everyday lives easier but if not maintained properly or frequently checked on a regular basis, they may cause some serious damage to your property. 

It’s important to note that washing machines do not fall under dwelling coverage for most insurance policies. Washing machines are considered appliances, which are not a part of the direct structure of your home. Therefore, they are considered personal property. This is for damage directly related to the machine itself. 

The resulting damage to your dwelling caused by the leaking washing machine would typically be reviewed for coverage. In most cases, the leaking damages from the washing machine are sudden and accidental. 



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Common Causes of a Leaking Washing Machine:

  • Loose or Faulty Water Supply Valves
  • Damaged or Disconnected Internal Water Hoses
  • A Clogged Drain Hose
  • Broken Drain Pump
  • Faulty Door Catch
  • Excessive Detergent 
  • Overloaded Washer

Any of these appliance malfunctions or damaged parts can cause the washing machine to leak into your home. The impact of the leak can be minor or overwhelming. The water leak could result in damages to the laundry room’s floor, walls, ceilings below (if on second floor), personal items in the area and consequently lead to mold build up. If this happens to you, you should: 

  • Identify and stop the source of the leak 
  • Clean up the residual water as best you can 
  • Photo and video document the damages
  • Contact Century Public Adjusters 

Century Public Adjusters Laundry Room Water Damage Claims 

In most cases, insurance policies do not cover water damage triggered by a gradual leak. Your claim may be denied if your appliance is not properly maintained over time and if there is a confirmed case that your laundry machine has been leaking for periods of weeks to months. 

Filing a claim can be confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming. Without the proper guidance and expert assistance your claim may get denied by your insurance carrier. At Century Public Adjusters, we have a team of professionals that lifts the burden off your shoulders and is here to help you throughout the claim process.

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