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Sinkhole Damage Claims

Sinkhole Damage Claims

There has been recent posts and news articles about problems of sinkholes appearing in Florida. Although Central Florida is commonly referred to as “sinkhole valley,” we see our share here in South Florida.

Example signs of a sinkhole:

  • Starts with structural damage
  • Cracking on exterior walls
  • Thick cracks in a step shape
  • Uneven walls or floors

Characteristics of a Sinkhole

Sinkholes are naturally formed in the ground from drastic changes in weather, leaks, well drilling, blasting for construction and other drastic situations like hurricanes. A heavy rainfall followed by a drought and another heavy rainfall can cause the land to crack and the rainfall to be absorbed in one area rather than evenly spread. The stream of water creates shifts in the layers of the earth which bring into existence unstable foundations for the structures that sit on them. A structure will show signs of structural damage long before it is swallowed by a sinkhole.

Types Of Sinkholes:

  • Subsidence Sinkholes: the Earth’s surface gradually settles or suddenly sinks due to the subsurface movement of earth materials.
  • Collapse Sinkholes: happens when a solution cavity develops in the limestone to a size that overlies the cover material and can no longer support its own weight.
  • Solution sinkholes: accumulated water causes chemical weathering of the rock around a fissure or joint in the rock.
  • Land Surface: space and caverns develop underground due to naturally dissolved land caused by groundwater.


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