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Lightning Damage Claims


Lightning Damage Claims in Florida

Lightning has the potential to cause severe damage to homes and businesses throughout Florida. Lightning can damage concrete, walls, and glass, and destroy a property’s electrical wiring. The average cost of these damages amounted to nearly $30,000 per insurance claim in 2020.

The insurance company may provide the lowest compensation possible. This makes it imperative for home and business owners to reach out to a public adjuster for a free inspection and evalution if they suspect lightning damage has occurred.

How to Check for Lightning Damage

There are several signs to check for if you suspect that lightning may have damaged your home or business.

Power Surges

Lightning strikes can travel throughout a building’s electrical wiring and plumbing systems. The surge may completely destroy connected electronics and appliances.


Fire damage is the most severe threat when lightning strikes. Wood is highly combustible and may catch fire.

Shock Waves

The shock waves resulting from a lightning strike can destroy brick, stone, and concrete foundations.

Signs of a Lightning Strike Include:

  • Humming Sound
  • Obvious Physical Damage
  • Sparks or Fire
  • Smoke

There may be an odd smell similar to the odor of melting plastic. Lighting strikes can result in severe damage to the construct of a building and the contents within it.

Lightning Damage Claims public adjusters in Florida

What to Do if You Discover Lightning Damage

Standard homeowner insurance policies cover lightning damage but vary in the amount of coverage provided. It can be difficult to prove that property damage was a result of lightning.

You will need to collect numerous pieces of evidence for your home insurance claim to be successful.

  • Take photos and/or video evidence of any suspected lightning damage.
  • Contact a Public Adjuster to provide a consultation to determine the extent of the damages incurred.
  • Century Public Adjuster will file a claim with the insurance company to get you the maximum compensation for your damages.

It is a wise idea to save all correspondence with the insurance company, emails, call logs, etc. This data is important for your legal protection.

Florida Lightning Damage Claims

It can be difficult for home and business owners throughout Florida to prove lightning damage. The insurance company may try to offer unfair low-ball settlements that will not adequately cover the cost of the damage.

Public adjusters are critical for building a strong claim by providing estimates and necessary documentation that are evidence of the damages incurred.


Florida Century Public Adjusters

The team of experienced professionals at Century Public Adjusters is proud to provide free inspections to determine if lightning damage has occurred.

Century Public Adjusters provides clients with four locations to better serve communities throughout the state, including offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida.

Contact Century Public Adjusters today to schedule your free inspection and learn more about your next steps.


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