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Reopen Claim

Ready To Reopen Your Claim?

Receiving a denial letter in response to a loss is always a disappointment to a property owner. Policy premiums are very highly priced, carry large deductibles and a rise in cost every year. Insuring our properties is one of the largest overhead expenses in our budget. We purchase our Insurance agreement policy in good faith, believing that whenever we may suffer a loss, our insurance company will reciprocate and give us a “just claims settlement.”

Don’t Give Up On Your Claim

Don’t Give Up On Your Claim

We imagine that an industry of such wealth and magnitude will treat their policyholders respectfully and honestly. After all we have entered into a lawful agreement with them. We expect them to pay a claim that deserves to be paid.

How often do most residential owners or commercial property owners actually file a claim? Once or twice in a lifetime?

Certainly, it is unexpected when the denial letter is received. Often with no understandable reason given for the denial.

We’ll Fight For What’s Fair

Century Public Adjusters is happy to review your case and read your letter of denial to see what would be the best course to take. We have handled many denials and have been able to secure the funds the insured was looking forward to. Nine out of ten times a denial will get paid. Most times with more money than the property owner ever expected to receive.

So join all of our clients who use Century Public Adjusters and give yourself another opportunity to submit your claim and get your fair settlement. You certainly have nothing to lose, only to gain!

Starting A New Claim?

Understand “The Insurance Claim Process” with Century Public Adjusters. We’ll assist you all the way through the claim till you get your correct cash award settlement.

Too Low Of An Offer?

In a case where the insurance company has come up with too low an initial offer than expected, Century Public Adjusters will file for a reappraisal of the claim.

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