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Bathroom Water Damage Claims

Bathroom water damage affects most homeowners, and most of them find it hard to file a claim whenever they have issues with their bathrooms. Water damage can come from numerous sources within a bathroom, including:  


  • Toilet: supply lines, toilet seal, cracked tank, overflow or backup
  • Shower/Tub: overflow or backup, cracked or improper caulking, excess steam (could result in mold) 
  • Sink: supply lines or valves, overflow or backup, faulty plumbing, burst pipes within walls.

All these malfunctions or plumbing issues can cause substantial damage to your property including damaged appliances, walls, and floors. If you find yourself in this situation, review your insurance policy to find out if you are covered. 


Leaking Shower Pipes & Wall Moisture

Water damage in bathroom walls usually goes unnoticed and most often, it is one of the threatening types that accumulates. If not fixed on time, it could degenerate into the growth of mold in your bathroom, and your insurance will not be liable for the expenses when it happens. In this scenario, water is likely to penetrate the subfloor and cavities, damaging your bathroom walls. 

Sinks and Toilets Spilling Over

Overflow of your sinks and toilets can cause major damage to your bathroom. The water can trickle down onto the floor and with the unpredictability of how water travels through materials, it may get into cracks in the floor finding new places to go. This could lead to water traveling into floors below, resulting in damages to the ceiling, walls, and floors below. 

Excessive Moisture

Hot showers can cause bathroom floor water damage in your home. According to experts, steam from the hot water used to bathe can have a damaging impact on the walls and flooring which would move deeper into the tiles. Mold can develop as time goes by, and this is not good for your health and the occupants of the home.

Cracked Tiles

One cause of bathroom water damage is when the grout between shower tiles cracks and declines, causing water to flow through the walls. Ensure you check your shower regularly to see if the corners are in good condition.

Century Public Adjusters Are Here to Help With Your Bathroom Water Damage Claims 

Bathroom Water Damage Claims in FL

Understanding the procedure of a bathroom leak insurance claim can be tedious but having the support of a competent public adjuster can make the difference between a covered or denied claim. 

At Century Public Adjusters, we have a team of professionals readily available, to help you throughout the claim process. 

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