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Denied Claims

Was Your Claim Denied?

If your damage claim for your home or business was denied, you’re not out of options. We can help you file an accurate revised claim to get the money you need for repairs.

The Knowledge to Collect

The Knowledge to Collect

Often claims are denied due to errors or oversights on your initial estimate. Our highly trained estimators have experience reopening previously denied claims with great success. If your initial claim was denied, you need an expert estimator to evaluate your insurance policy coverage and represent you in a professional manner.

Detailed Estimates

Our estimators are specially trained to provide highly detailed estimate breakdowns to insurance companies that are based on current market value for both materials and labor. This knowledge is essential for ensuring you get the most money available for your claim, and makes it easier for your insurance company to understand the full scope of the damage your home or business sustained.

Starting A New Claim?

Understand “The Insurance Claim Process” with Century Public Adjusters. We’ll assist you all the way through the claim till you get your correct cash award settlement.

Too Low Of An Offer?

In a case where the insurance company has come up with too low an initial offer than expected, Century Public Adjusters will file for a reappraisal of the claim.

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