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Case Studies

  • Storm Damage

Claim amount: $37,592.00

Claim type: New Claim

“Dear Century and the adjusters,

Felix and Edith Charles would like to express our deepest appreciation for all the hard work and patience the adjusters with Century Public Adjusters have provided us with. We did not know the process in making a claim with the insurance especially after they provided an initial payment that was so low we did not think we would be able to repair our home.

We first called FEMA thinking they would help us since we were in a state of emergency, but they turned us to call the home insurance. We called and someone came to our house and evaluated our damage and was provided with $10,000. We could not do anything with that so we heard on the radio about Abraham’s stories helping other people with the same problems and we decided to call for a Public Adjuster. The adjusters then came and did the same as the insurance evaluating our damage and was able to provide us with an additional $ 26,000. We were so grateful our home was going to be restored to its original state. We did not have any money to fix it our self with the first payment so you can imagine how truly we grateful we are.”

Blessing to Century Public Adjusters,
Miami, 33167

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