What to do if an Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

Jane Smith

Insurance Policy Denied

Managing your insurance can be difficult, especially since insurance companies have become notorious for highly priced premiums, large deductibles, rises in cost each year, and being reluctant to pay out money.

When investing in an insurance agreement policy, we are investing our trust that whenever we suffer a loss, our insurance company will reciprocate and give us a “just claims settlement.” As we have entered a lawful agreement and dutifully pay our part, we expect them to pay a claim that deserves to be paid – especially since most residential owners or commercial property owners only file a claim VERY infrequently (maybe once or twice in a lifetime?)

The question most are left with is “why has my claim been denied and where do I go from there?”

The truth of the matter is that many people don’t know what to do if an insurance company denies your claim. Certainly, it is unexpected when you receive a denial letter with no easily understandable reason for the denial given.

Some of the most common sources of denial are:

Technical Language

Often the technical language used when the insurance company interviews the client after the damage, causes for confusion and misunderstanding. The use of confusing and legal jargon often results in the client reporting the claim incorrectly and thereby the claim is denied.


Often the insurance company will refer to an exclusion that is not necessarily applicable in the particular situation, which makes having a public adjuster, who knows the legalities, crucial to redeeming the compensation you deserve.

Required Documents

Filing an insurance claim requires many forms and documents to provide proof and to abide by certain legalities for compensation. Sometimes the insurance company asks for documents that the homeowner can’t find or is late in sending, which can cause a denial.

Policy Coverage Lapse

There are times the policy has lapsed and there may not be coverage at the moment, but it is possible there was coverage during the time of damage.

Don’t worry, we can help

Depending on the property damage, each claim is different, and this consequently results in a multitude of potential reasons for denial. Due to the complexities of each claim, it’s crucial to have someone who can clarify the situation by going through the sequence of events to determine the reasons for the insurance company rejecting the claim.

Our team of experts can oftentimes turn around a denied claim by clarifying the facts with the insurance company and sending the correct forms in. We know the tricks of the trade and have developed expertise in the requirements and determining what is incorrect or missing in each claim.

We have handled many denials and have been able to secure the funds our client was looking forward to. Nine out of ten times a denial will get paid – Most times with more money than the property owner ever expected to receive.

Century Public Adjusters is happy to review your case and read your letter of denial to see what would be the best course to take.

Give yourself another opportunity to submit your claim and get your fair settlement! Whether you’re located in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, or Orlando, we’ll help you start a new claim, reappraise an underpaid claim, or reopen an old or denied claim. Visit the Century Public Adjusters website and fill out a claim for a FREE consultation today!