Can Mold Be the Culprit of Your Child’s Asthma?

Jun 01, 2016 Jane Smith

With children, it usually starts with bouts of coughing, some eczema or signs of wheezing. Most of the time we take these symptoms as signs of colds or viruses, when they are in fact symptoms of a larger problem in the home.

One of the reasons most parents don’t suspect mold as the culprit to their child symptoms is because the other children in the family, don’t seem to be having the same response.

As we learn that not everyone is sensitive to the same things and therefore we do you not have the same symptoms or the symptoms might be showing themselves with a different face.

I myself have two grandchildren that had various problems since they were infants and were he diagnosed with many different things one child couldn’t sit still and was always clearing his throat. My second grandchild started to show signs of eczema and later begin wheezing and coughing through the night. Both symptoms were attributed to colds or viruses that we’re found in the classrooms.

When things became so out of control, is when we decided to go and have the child checked by an allergist. The results were quite baffling, everything pointed to mold in the home. What was so inexplicable was, that the house had been renovated within the last five years and everything was new it had been an older home, had been gutted out entirely and rebuilt we could not figure out where the mold would be coming from. We went through the procedures of making sure the air-conditioner was cleaned and then we called in a mold specialist to test the rooms.

As it turned out we found out that a small spot of moisture that had been left in a common wall between the bathroom and kitchen had been the culprit. The wet spot was not large enough to see but enough to cause and to create an entire wall of hidden mold spores. All the other rooms in the house were tested and nothing else was found. We approached our insurance company again explaining to them that we had the area in which the original claim tested and there is mold, they paid for the mold remediation.

I cannot tell you what a difference having this mold extracted from the home has had on the entire family. Before the mold was extracted, we always worried about recurring illnesses. We were now watching two children grow healthier every day.

The child who had been suffering from stuffiness and having a hard time sitting in class and concentrating seems to sleep better and therefore has more enthusiasm for his studies.

My second grandchild has stopped wheezing and scratching at small patches of eczema and is just feeling better in general. Both their appetites have increased and given them more energy to play hard, work hard and do better at school and in general have a healthier and happier life style.

Sometimes we attribute problems in the home to internal issues or we think something must be affecting everybody in the neighborhood when in reality it could be something as small as ones having have a leak and leaving behind a drop of humidity that can create mold spores which can just disrupt and entire family’s life.

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