What to Do After a Home Fire

Jane Smith

Fire is an element that has been around from the stone ages. It could be we used it more often in its prime state for heating and for cooking years ago and therefore were more careful to explain to the members of our home how to handle a fire in case of an emergency.

The ideal situation is knowing how to handle a fire that gets out of control. The most important piece of information is to make sure everyone in the house or building leaves as quickly as possible. There is nothing in the home they cannot be replaced, everything can be acquired and even the family heirlooms that have sentimental value will be remembered through memories.

But the life of a family member is really what we want to focus on at the time of the fire. Calling for everyone to leave the home is the most important. That is the one thing that you can do to make the fire least damaging.

  • Although it is hard to not run back in to save possessions, you must stay out of the home or building. Firefighters advise that you should NOT re-enter your home.
  • Call 9-1-1 operator tell them what’s happening, describe all injuries and listen to their instructions.
  • When the authorities arrive, listen carefully to their instructions.

Even if the fire started as a result of the candle being lit or someone having forgotten some French Fries on the stove while watching a football game, these are the result of human nature. The insurance company takes it into account. Unfortunately, these type of things happens more often that we would like to believe.

That is why there is coverage for a fire in every insurance policy. Of course, there will be an investigation to see where the fire started, but it is not with the purpose of looking for the guilty party, rather getting information to document it properly.

All of a sudden a person and their family are found basically with nothing in their hands and the need to stay with family or check into a hotel.

I would say the trauma experiencing a fire doesn’t settle in for a short while and then each member of the family has its own reaction and fears and feelings of devastation.

Century Public Adjusters is a company that was originally open by family. it is a family business and we more than anybody are able to empathize with how different types of events can affect an entire family and each member individually.

Perhaps one of the first things that happen in a fire claim once the house has been secured and if one is able to enter the house is to salvage anything that might be salvageable and to begin to documents all of the personal items in the home. Every shoe whether it’s a Nike or a Schecher is taken into consideration in the pricing. The clothing, the linens of the home, the towels and every and all small items that can be remembered or there is some evidence of can be claimed

When he comes to the furnishings of the home, the smoke is able to penetrate even the wood and often we don’t consider most furniture salvageable, it will all have to be replaced.

The structure of the home will have to be reevaluated by an Engineer to make sure that the trusts in the ceilings and walls are strong enough to maintain the integrity of the frame of the home. That will give us an idea as to what type of compensation the homeowner will be waiting for their claim.

Century Public Adjusters is sensitive to the fact that a family or a single person has been this place is no longer in their safe sanctuary and we try to make the claim go as quickly as possible to be able to put that family back into their former lifestyles.

There is no better feeling than to be able to help a family return to their home. Those are the times that are adjusters at century public adjusting look forward to the happy end results to the happy people.