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Family Owned & Trusted Since 2002

Century Public Adjusters is an experienced and reputable public adjusting firm in Florida. Our primary goal is to assist both individuals and corporate property owners in resolving their insurance claims. Our services are available in various regions including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties, as well as central Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, the Florida West Coast, and the Panhandle.

To ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your damages, our team collaborates closely with engineers, accountants, lawyers, and other experts. We understand the challenges associated with the insurance claim process and are committed to relieving the burden for our clients. We take pride in working with our customers and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet with you.

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Expert Estimators

What is the difference between a standard adjusting estimate and an off the charts estimate?

Most adjusters write what is called a copy and paste estimate. They have a standard skeleton for different claims and just change the name of the client and the measurements to individualize each estimate.

Century’s standards are quite different. We believe clear communication has always been Century’s asset. We account for every item on our estimates specifically as a separate line item. When it comes to defending our estimate we have firm ground to stand on in order to get everything paid for.

The insurance companies find it easier to agree with us on specific items since the estimate is comprehensive and clear to read.

We invest in an estimating team that not only keeps up with price, laws and ordinances, but also attends seminars having to do with specific products changing in the marketplace. This keeps us on top of any item that might be discontinued or replaced with something within new code standards

We also keep up with permit prices specifically to each county, so to not let our clients be left with any surprises when they fix their homes or commercial properties.

Our reputation has followed us and presently enjoy representing well known law firms as consultants and estimators.

Our Estimators:

  • Attend continuing education courses.
  • Custom detailed estimate which clearly build your case.
  • Written with a knowledge of insurance law, city code and ordinances.
  • Expert adjusters trained in negotiating skills.
  • Miami-Dade

  • Broward

  • Palm Beach

  • Orange

  • Hillsborough

  • Duval

Experts In Policy Coverage

The difference between families and businesses that rebound and continue to thrive after a disaster strikes and those that do not can simply be a matter of knowing what is covered in their policy and what is not.

But because insurance policies are not understood by everyone, valuable advantages policyholders are entitled to often go unclaimed in the rush to get their homes and businesses back up and running. At Century Public Adjusters we understand that time is a critical factor for all of us.

Starting A New Claim?

Understand “The Insurance Claim Process” with Century Public Adjusters. We’ll assist you all the way through the claim till you get your correct cash award settlement.

Denied A Claim?

In the case where a claim might have already been denied it is no problem to reopen the case and request a reevaluation of the factors and policy terms.

Too Low Of An Offer?

In a case where the insurance company has come up with too low an initial offer than expected, Century Public Adjusters will file for a reappraisal of the claim.

We Are Florida's #1 Roof Tile Expert

Here at Century we make it our business to stay atop today's tile roof costs, tile roofing cost factors, tile roof prices compared to other roofing types, tile roofing styles and tile roofing materials. Our staff have been educated and experienced hands on training with top roof construction companies in Florida.

We differ from others in that most companies appraise a roof in a very general manner using the size of the roof as a measure of compensation.

At Century have been trained our adjusters to understand and appreciate the structure of each roof and the great variety of tiles and shingles that exist. Not only are there various materials within the tile family that exist: concrete, Clay, Terracotta, but there are endless styles of those same materials. Different weights different manners of laying them.

Our estimates include hundreds of specific details for example; which size nail or weight of paper needs to be used with that particular weight and style roof. Permits and licenses unique to each city are just some of the line items we make sure are correct to insure our customers do not get stuck with a bill not accounted for.

Our presentation is able to prove to the insurance that in 99% of the cases even if a small amount of tile was damaged that the home or business owner requires a completely new roof according to city code and their insurance policy. Don't settle for less! Get your entire roof replaced new with today's standards and better quality than you had before. Even if the cost is more than you originally paid, your successful settlement is a promise.

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