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Ready To Start Your New Claim?

Century Public Adjusters, wants you to understand “The Insurance Claim Process” and know what to expect at the inception, middle and end of your claim; be confident that you have entrusted your claim to expert representation and have no surprises along the process. We will assist you all the way through the claim till you get your correct cash award settlement.

1 We’re A Phone Call Away

All you need it do is make that first initial phone call; no loss is too small; our inspection is free and we are happy to advise you on all matters. A licensed and bonded public adjuster will come to your residence or place of business at no cost to you. He will examine your insurance policy, discuss your loss and begin to note all information needed to prepare a specialized “ insurance industry estimate, using the latest paid prices in the current market” in order for you to receive the largest settlement possible.

Your personal public adjuster will ask you basic questions. When was the first time you noticed the loss; the date. What caused the loss(a broken pipe, heavy rains etc.) What were your first steps to try and stop the loss from continuing to damage your home or place of work?

Turning off your main water line, putting a tarp over the opening on the roof, are some of the simple actions and answers that are expected by your insurer.

Your Damage Assessment

2 Your Damage Assessment

Your Public Adjuster will go over these questions with you in order to have the date and circumstances of the event clear. He will ask you to gather any reports, receipts, service bills from plumbers, handymen or payment for parts you might have purchased to fix the source of the damage yourself.

He will file your claim with your insurance company and get a claim number to get the insurance claim process started as quickly as possible.

Your Public Adjuster will contact the appointed insurance company representative to make an appointment and meet at your place of business or home (at your convenience as quickly as possible.) Both adjusters will look at the damage and exchange information concerning the extent of your damage.

3 Work With Your Insurance Agency

The Insurance Claims Representative might ask questions pertaining to the date and original cause of the loss. These will be the same questions your Public Adjuster has already asked you and reviewed with you. Your Public Adjuster will be present when you are being asked all questions to help you through the process.

Century Public Adjusters will be in touch with your insurance company representative adjuster and exchange estimates, including inventories of all personal objects lost and a detailed estimate as to how much it will cost to make your property new. Century Public Adjusters has been representing insurance claims for over a decade and is in good standing with them, which is something that will always work to your advantage.

All claims need to go through a process at the insurance company. There is a waiting time between the initial meeting of your adjuster and the insurance company representative and the issuing of a check since your claim needs to be reviewed by various adjusters at the Insurance Company. Once an agreement is reached, a payment is requested and then it has to be processed to be printed and mailed in a check form to you the insured.

Your Reimbursement

4 Your Reimbursement

We will ask to receive the check amount offered contingent on receiving an additional payment through a third party re-evaluation.

For example: If Century Public Adjusters evaluated your claim at $75,000 and your insurance company offered $60,000, we will have your insurance company issue the original offer “the undisputed amount” immediately while we continue the claim process based on the clause in your policy that you as the insured have a right to have the claim “disputed” and appraised by an unbiased third party since you consider the value of the entire loss was not paid.

Century Public adjusters will then either meet or negotiate with the new third party representative from your insurance company and negotiate to get you the entire cash settlement you have waited for and deserve.

Covering All The Bases

It is very important to note that making an insurance claim is your right upon purchasing a policy from an insurance company. It is not comparable to an automobile accident where there is a driver at fault. In a commercial and homeowners policy the peril is considered “an act of G-d”. No one is at fault. We are here to make sure your claim is properly accepted and handled and that you receive the maximum compensation.

Denied A Claim?

In the case where a claim might have already been denied it is no problem to reopen the case and request a reevaluation of the factors and policy terms.

Too Low Of An Offer?

In a case where the insurance company has come up with too low an initial offer than expected, Century Public Adjusters will file for a reappraisal of the claim.

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