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Miami Dade is the third largest county in area in the United States. Since Miami Dade can trace itself to before the 1500’s, we can find a lot of historical buildings preserved for their age and different neighbor hoods that proceeded in “the style of.”

Coral Gables for instance was built in the boom of the 1920’s. The look is very specific to imitate the Mediterranean style architecture. As beautiful and expensive these homes are, they still contain a lot of the original interior piping.

Beautiful floors that in many a cases were brought in from exotic lands along with wood moldings and exquisite lead to the renovation in these magnificent homes. Unfortunately keeping the renovation superficial, Lends to problems in the actual framing of these homes along with plumbing systems and water intrusion.

We specialize in this type of home, where heirlooms and fantastic historical pieces are a part of the claim.

We have Insurance Art experts as well as lawyers’, engineers and accountants on our teams to deal with each individual situation.

No matter what type of lifestyle you enjoy, Century is able to share your concerns and appreciate the worth of your possessions and lifestyle. We are familiar with each area of Miami Dade and have had the pleasure of representing customers on a variety of claims.

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