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Broward County

Broward County

Although Dade county has always attracted the attention here in the TR-Counties, Broward has become a strong runner-up. With the incredible amount of local population and new residents that have chosen Broward County as their home we see a steady incline in growth. Along with growth comes new problems and challenges. With many towns renovating their sewer systems we are encountering many more underground pipe breaks in homes.

Blasting from development of new communities in west Broward has caused endless amounts of settlement cracks in close by communities.

In order to meet deadlines and budget demands a lot of lightweight materials were used in the newer communities to provide an aesthetic effect rather than a strong presence.

With storms on the frontier this year we are hoping to see the least amount of damage possible.

Century Public Adjusters has the experience of dealing with old and new structures, city codes and the capability of getting the highest awards when it comes to an insurance claim.

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