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Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the first Public Adjusting companies to open our door in Florida. Century is a family business with three generations bringing experience to the table. We are happy to come down and inspect the house in order to put your mind at ease and answer your questions. But first check below to see if we’ve already answered any of your questions. Our office staff is ready to answer any questions you might call in as well.

  • Why do I need a public adjuster?

    There are many benefits to using a public adjuster. The AOOSSA did a trial test and proclaimed you will make 70% more than if you do it yourself. Besides the fact that they know how the process works.

  • How do I select the best public adjuster?

    Real years of Experience, some tell you combined experience. What’s that? Experience with many Insurance companies. Expert estimate know how, Friendly office staff make all the difference.

  • Will there be any repercussions from my insurance agency for filing a claim?

    No! That would be pretty wrong since you are paying insurance exactly for that reason.

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  • How much money do public adjusters charge?

    The first year of a named storm claim like Irma 10%. Daily claims is 20%.

  • I have received a denial letter from my insurance company and I don’t really know how to proceed from here what can I do?

    Keep the denial letter and call Century PA. We will review your claim and see what the basis of the denial was and check and discuss it with your insurance carrier. Our success rate at turning around denials is 99.9%.

  • I was paid below deductible. Is it it worthwhile to pursue it or have simply look at my estimate or do I have to accept the answer they gave me?

    Call us we will come down and look at your damage, read your policy. Many people don’t have a proper insurance estimate.

    This something we write for each individual claim. We negotiate your claim with our new numbers.

  • I have already received one check from the insurance company I don’t believe it’s enough to fix my damage what can I do about that? Is there another way to get more money

    Most people have no idea of the insurance claim process and therefore are not aware of how to deal with their payments and who to talk to. Often the insurance company fishes with one check to see who bites the hook.

    We call them and represent your case. You will see an incredible difference.

  • Can a public adjuster charge an upfront fee for his work?

    Our inspection is free, no up front fees and not only help you with your insurance claim but help as well to process your check into cash.

  • Do all public adjusters write the same estimate?

    Absolutely not! Each one of our estimates is written to the exact specifications of your house and each individual item in it. A lot of adjusters write estimates off of templates.

    We have a separate branch which specializes in estimates guaranteeing you the latest market prices in your area.

  • Is it true that I should fix everything in my house before the insurance company comes and just give them pictures?

    No you are not required to fix anything. The only requirement is that you prevent the damage from getting worse.

    For Example: If you have a pipe leaking you have to stop the leak from flooding; but everything else will be documented with pictures and a custom estimate.

  • Does the insurance company have to pay to relocate me while my home is being fixed; or my home is uninhabitable?

    You should have whats called a “Loss of Use” part in your policy, that allows you a certain amount of money to rent a comparative residence while your claim is being attended to.

  • What do I do with all my clothing and shoes and furniture after a fire they smell so full of soot and smoke?

    You can get a stipend to have everything professionally dry cleaned. In the case of furniture if the smell can not be gotten out 100% they will pay to replace the furniture.

  • Is it a good idea to use a public adjuster at all times even if it’s not hurricane season?

    Absolutely. Sometimes an everyday type of claim (called a "day claim") is even more complicated to understand. It is based on different parts of the policy and their inclusion or exclusion.

    Only a real experienced Adjuster is able to make the fine discernment. The payment will be accordingly.

  • What do I do if my Insurance Representative is not answering the phone whenever I call?

    That is one of the reasons the State of Florida decided to certify Public Adjusters. We know how to approach the insurance companies and get them to cooperate.

  • Does All Insurance Policies Cover Theft?

    1 in 425 homeowners insurance holders files a claim for property damage resulting from theft every year. Renters' and homeowners’ insurance usually covers theft under the personal property protection portion of your policy. There are limitations in coverage amounts listed in each individual policy.

  • What Compensation Will I Get for Theft Claim?

    It is the insurance company’s responsibility to restore your property and belonging back to the pre-incident condition. The average homeowner's claim amounts to approximately $4,300 for theft-related claims.
    Do not accept an offer from the insurance company without first contacting a public adjuster to provide an honest and fair estimate of your damages.
    In the case of a rental property, the insurance policy should also include compensation for the lack of rental income that the rental owner must forgo while processing the claim and fixing the property.

  • What If My Theft Claim Was Denied?

    Reach out to Century Public Adjusters immediately if the insurance company has denied your claim. A professional adjuster will work to reopen your claim and review the details of your policy.
    We will then gather the necessary documents and any evidential factors that the insurance company may have missed. Your claim will then undergo a reevaluation of the factors of your case.

  • What Can Be Claimed As Smoke Damage?

    Smoke particles and odor can cause significant damage to porous surfaces, including rugs, drapes, furniture, clothing, and other fabrics. Smoke can also cause damage to floors, walls, ductwork, and even electronics.
    A public adjuster can help review the terms of your insurance policy to determine the specific claim allowances.

  • How Do You Prove Smoke Damage?

    Gather photo and video evidence immediately after the fire incident occurs, including the condition of the walls, floors, countertops, and all other areas of the property. There are several indications within these visual documents that can serve as evidence of smoke damage in part with your insurance claim. A public adjuster can then evaluate the condition of the property and develop an estimate of the damages caused by smoke.

  • What Is Fire Damage Assessment?

    A fire damage assessment is an evaluation of the damages resulting from a fire inside a home or business property. The insurance company will send their own inspector to survey the damages, however, this is not a trustworthy evaluation. Contact a public adjuster who will have your best interest in mind to perform your own estimate of damages and ensure full compensation.

  • Does Content Insurance Cover Smoke Damage?

    The contents coverage section of your insurance policy covers smoke damage to items within your home or business, including furniture, rugs, clothing, and other items. Many of these items will need to be replaced due to their porous nature.

  • What Does Insurance Pay for After a Fire?

    The insurance company is responsible for restoring a property back to its pre-accident condition, including all of the damages caused by smoke. Fire can cause excessive damages and restoration services can be expensive. The insurance company should provide compensation to cover all of the costs of these restoration needs, as well as the costs of items that are irreparably damaged.

  • How Do I Get The Most Out of My Fire Insurance Claim?

    Reaching out to a professional public adjuster is the best way to get the most out of your fire insurance claim. Century Public Adjusters is proud to provide honest and fair estimates to home and business owners throughout Florida. Our team is also happy to deal with the insurance company to help you get the most compensation for your claim.

  • How Do I Get The Most Out of My Water Damage Claim?

    Be sure to get photo and video evidence of all damages to your home or business, including the interior, exterior, areas surrounding the building, and the content within. Do not make any repairs unless absolutely necessary for safety or throw any damaged items.
    File a claim with the insurance company and then contact Century Public Adjusters to evaluate the extent of water damage that has occurred.

  • What Is Considered Water Damage?

    Water damage is considered circumstances during which damages occur before water contacts with the ground. A public adjuster can review the unique specifications noted in your policy to determine what could be considered water damage. The majority of water damage claims are related to issues from plumbing, pipes, and other abrupt instances.

  • Do Insurance Policies Cover Water Damage?

    Standard insurance policies generally cover water damage that meets specific criteria, including that the water incident occurred suddenly and accidentally. The number of damages and items that the insurance company will cover depend greatly on the types and limitation of coverage noted in your insurance policy.
    Century Public Adjusters can review your policy and determine which items and circumstances are eligible for coverage.

  • What To Do If My Water Damage Claim Was Denied?

    There are several reasons that the insurance company may deny your water damage claim. This may result from a lack of coverage or due to accusations that you neglected to perform regular building maintenance.
    Contact a public adjuster immediately if your home or business claim for water damage was denied for an evaluation and to collect the evidence needed to file an appeal.

  • How Do I Get Insurance to Pay for Water Damage?

    You should file a claim with the insurance company immediately after the water damage-causing incident occurs. After contacting the insurance company, reach out for help from a public adjuster to ensure that the insurance company provides fair compensation for water damage.
    Allow a public adjuster to evaluate and provide a fair estimate before accepting any offer for less than your damages are worth.

  • What's The Average Insurance Payout for Water Damage in Florida?

    The average water damage claim payout amounts to approximately $12,000. The amount that the insurance company agrees to compensate will depend on several factors, including the cause, circumstances, and extent of the damages that have occurred. Century Public Adjuster is proud to evaluate the damages to your home or business, develop a fair estimate of repair costs, help gather evidence, and will deal with the insurance company.

  • How to Assess Property Damage After a Car Crash?

    The only way to assess the extent of the property damages is to contact a public adjuster. A public adjuster is a professional who fights on your behalf to ensure that you receive fair compensation from the insurance company.
    The insurance company may send an adjuster of their own to survey the extent of the damages. This is not always an accurate estimate. These individuals are independent adjusters who work for the insurance company.

  • How to Get Maximum Property Car Damage Compensation?

    There are several things that you must do to ensure you receive a fair settlement for your home or business damages.
    1.) Collect Evidence
    Collect as much photo and video evidence as possible after a car crash occurs. Be sure to get photos of all damages involved and surrounding the accident.
    2.) File a Claim with the Drivers Insurance Company
    Contact the driver's auto insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim.
    3.) Contact Century Public Adjusters
    Reach out to a professional adjuster at Century Public Adjusters at (888)585-8010. Century Public Adjusters will survey the damages, circumstances of your claim, and provide you with an accurate estimate of the damages. This will ensure that the insurance company is forced to provide you with fair compensation.

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