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Cast Iron Pipe Claims




If your house or commercial property was built before 1975 you are one of the more than 3.7 million residents living in Florida that are suffering from corroded cast iron pipes in their homes. These corroded cast iron pipes can cause costly leaks, massive flooding, hidden mold, infestations and plumbing backups.

Does your insurance company tell you they don’t cover insurance claims on broken or leaking cast iron pipes? You are not alone! We have clients who accounted for the once a month snaking cost of their cast iron pipes as a monthly utility bill.

Cast iron pipes can be compared to anything else that rots when in contact with moisture and bacteria. You are all familiar with cavities on your teeth. They are caused by the moisture of your mouth and bacteria from food that eat away at your enamel. Cast iron pipes which were installed in your home over fifty years ago also have that same recipe of moisture and bacteria. Decades of moisture have slowly caused many holes and cracks on your pipes. The plumber coming every week is just cleaning the areas where the rotting has settled and caused clogs in your pipes. Unfortunately, the plumber cannot get inside the pipe and put in a filling. Your only choice is to extract the section of the pipe that is rotted and attach a new piece of pipe to wherever they can find healthy enough cast iron to connect it.

The simplest and most professional way to estimate the damage and prevent more expensive repairs is to have a Public Adjuster take a video of the damage. This can be achieved by putting a sewer camera through your pipes. It is the least invasive and gives the clearest picture of what your situation really is and how it can be fixed.

Century Public Adjusters has been around since 2002 when some of those original cast iron pipes had begun to corrode and cause damage to South Florida homes.

We have seen and gotten thousands of cast iron pipe claims in Florida paid.

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