Fire Damage

Dealing with a fire is one of the most frightening experiences a person can be exposed to. No matter how many precautions we take, it is an occurrence that happens by accident,  is terrifying and takes us by complete surprise.

Since fires cause thick black smoke, and smoke spreads from one room to another within seconds, the most important fact to remember is:  call out to everyone in the house to immediately evacuate. Your home and possessions can and will be replaced by your insurance carrier; but no amount of money or possessions can replace the death or injury of a loved one.

Century Public Adjusters will advocate for you the homeowner at this crucial time. Making sure your insurance carrier is sensitive and aware of your needs. Helping you relocate temporarily to a new location safeguarding your home in it’s present condition having an insurance representative come as quickly as possible to access the damage start the claim moving as quickly as possible to get you back in your home.


These are just a few of the responsibilities that your insurance carrier must fulfill in their contractual obligation according to your insurance policy.They must make your situation right again. Not almost as good, but exactly as it was before the fire.

Even in a lightly burnt kitchen; where only a small piece of the cabinet has been damaged in a stovetop fire, fulfills your policy’s requirement for a  fire loss to be claimed and your kitchen replaced. The charge of premiums in your policy mention each type of loss specifically.  investmenting in  paying for an insurance policy and keeps you the  insured in the position to get your damage replaced and your home in pre loss condition again.

Remember even if a fire happened as a result of forgetting French Fries frying, a child knocking over a candle or holiday lights causing an electrical fire, these are all perils that are acts of G-d and no one is considered at fault. Century Public Adjusters are here to help you deal with your insurance carrier and their representatives when it comes to documenting all your personal property and arranging another place to reside if necessary. We are happy to be of help in any way possible since the victims of a fire claim have particular and sensitive needs.